Automated Cryptycurrncy Trading

You invest, we trade and give you profit daily. Next level automatic trading that can gain up to 0.6% profit daily with ability to re-invest, our robot provides real actual trades and a public open records for proof available to everyone, we have nothing to hide.

Why Invest in POTX

Proof of trade or POTX is a platform that uses AI robots to execute real trades on HitBTC using API, the trades are live, public and visible to everyone to audit.
Join more than 6000 happy investors already earning daily.

Easy To Start

Register, Deposit,
Buy a contract.
No trading experience needed, start with only 0.001 BTC.

Safe & Secure

2FA, cold storage wallets, Login & IP change alerts, encryption.
Secure HitBTC account.

All Payments are manual.


We earn more than 1% and offering 0.6% to our investors, this creates a 0.4% insurance fund that also goes to our profit when it’s not needed.


POTX is eventually moving to be fully decentralized, and holders should be able to vote for changing strategies. 

Premium Support

We understand how important it is to talk to our investors, so we provide an easy to use support system and we respond very quickly to all their inquiries.

Public Data

Our trades are available for auditing anytime, also we care about developers who wants to connect with our platform so we have a developer API to provide all data they need.

Why Bitcoin

Our main currency on POTX is Bitcoin, most of our team started using bitcoin since 2009-2011 and we believe strongly that Bitcoin is the best and will always be the gold of the blockchain and will eventually raise, also we want to minimize the risks of FIAT, so by using Bitcoin VS Crypto trading pairs we make sure we always have minimum loss and enough time gap to manually cancel or renew take-profit variables for our robots.

Earn 1 BTC for free!

You can earn up to 1 BTC for free simply register, go to referrals page and share the referral link with your friends, on Youtube or anywhere you want.

You will get free BTC for each person you invite from our prize pool, it range from 1%-10% of every investor deposit, we cover this from our marketing fund which is 0.4% of all our profit.

What are you waiting for! spread the word and earn without even investing.